Here is my list of in person workshops that will be available in the fall of 2023.  If your group or business is interested, email me at or send me a message.

I am currently working on online workshops. The last one is now available on my website.

1 – Skincare as self-care

We all are very busy people. it can be hard to find time for ourselves. However, if you are caring for your skin day and night, you're doing something that is soothing and comforting that can be considered self-care . Whether you are massaging moisturizer in your skin or taking time out to apply a face mask, it helps you feel great and makes you happy and calm.  It's time out of your day to take a breather and focus on yourself.

In this workshop, we will discuss ingredients and ways we can use them to take care of our face, hair and bodies that's enjoyable and relaxing. We will make a face oil and give ourselves a facial massage.  We will also make a spray for our hair or face and a facial cleanser.

2 – Create your own skincare routine

Learn about herbs, flowers, oils, and other ingredients that are good for your skin and how to use them in your skincare.  Create the best skin care routine for your skin type and lifestyle to benefit your skin now and in the future for healthy glowing skin.  In this workshop, we will be making a toner and a cleanser.

3- Using Aromatherapy for self-care and relaxation

Learn how to use aromatherapy for self-care and relaxation.  We will discuss calming and relaxing essential oils and plants and how to use them in in our self-care practice.  We will do a steam facial and make an aromatherapy spray and a personalized oil blend.

4- How to Transform your Bath to Support your Health and Relaxation. 

Discover the benefits of a warm bath and recipes you can use to help with ailments such as cold and flu, period discomfort, and aches and pains and how they are good for stress and anxiety. Learn about ingredients (oils, essential oils, salts, clays and other ingredients) that you can use that are great for your skin and relaxing to use in the bath. Included are recipes for bath bombs, bath milks, bath salts, bath teas, bath creamers, scrubs, and instructions for rose water and orange peel powder.

Click link above to go to my website to purchase.  Get it the first week for $29.  After that it will be $49.

In the in-person workshop, we will make a bath soak, bath tea and a bath milk.


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