Book Birthday Party

 It's my book's birthday! Come join the party on Facebook with me on March 17th.  There will be games, recipes, downloads and giveaways.  

click the picture to go to the Facebook event.

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Do you like to use all-natural skincare? Would you like to learn how to make your own?

This book is for those who want to take control of their skincare and confidently create all natural products that work with their skin type and alleviate any skin issues without breaking the bank.

Learn how to make personalized all-natural skincare that is good for your specific skin care needs. Learn about many plants, flowers, oils and other ingredients that are good for your skin and how to use them to make your own recipes. Carrie Scharf has a skincare business and is the author of Herbal Infused Skincare: How to use herbs and flowers for glowing skin. Carrie's experience making skincare and experimenting with ingredients inspired her to write her books. In this book you will find over 20 recipes for skincare products like lip balm moisturizers, face cream, cleansers and bath items.

Start making your own skincare today!


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